World Adventures Inc.

October 14th

Camp Description:

Pack your bags and get ready to gallivant across the globe with World Adventures Inc.! Every traveler who attends our global trip will receive a personalized passport card and accompanying plane tickets. 


Brace yourself as we explore fun theme related games like Brazillian Soccer-Volleyball with a 6’ giant inflatable soccer ball. When we land in the carribean we’ll be playing Island Tag and Earthquake & Orbit. Don’t miss out on our paper airplane competition. When we break into groups we have fun stations like message in a bottle, hawaiian lava pit, egyption pyramid stack, the florida hurricane ride, and airport obstacle course. Our world travelers get to take a dip in our warm indoor pools.. Just like the island life. Be sure to join us all the way until 5:30 as we’ll have a geo hunt, limbo competition, camping craft, and more!

Camp Information

Ages: 6 -12 years

Full Day: 9-3pm ($49)

Drop-In Fee (Enrollment

Online or In-person the

day of camp): $20

Early & Extended Stay Options:

Pre-Camp: 7:30-9am (Free)

Camper's Club: 3-5:30pm ($10/Day)

Camper's Club info below

Swimming: 1-2pm

Reminder: Bring your swimming clothes and a towel.

Note: It takes a lot of preparation in supplies and staffing to make great camps. We suggest enrolling ASAP. Drop-in fees are

$20 the day of camp.

Camper's Club

Newly Developed Post Camp from 3-5:30pm

Our newly developed Camper's Club is designed to take the theme of the camp and extend it into a post camp experience. Each Camper's Club will now include some combination of dedicated gym time, board games, crafts, an education period (theme related or not) and/or professional instruction in one of our in-house programs. 

• Extended Post Camp Experience

• Additional Themed Games & Activities

• Board & Card Games

• Structured Schedule

• Crafts Only Created in Camper's Club

Feel free to contact our Camp Director via the Contact Page

Our FREE pre-camp (7:30-9am) will provide a 30 minute Free Play session that includes soccer, an inflatable obstacle course, footballs to toss around, foam pit, and more! Our new Camper’s Club (3-5:30) will include games like cheetahs & cheetals, a limbo competition, board games, and a camping tent craft.

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Camp 9-3pm

Post Camp 3-5:30pm


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