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Camp Waterworld

May 28 - May 31 

Nerf Academy

June 3 - June 7

Wilderness Camp

June 10 - June 14

Field Trip: Western Playland

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

Field Trip: Bob-O's

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

Field Trip: White Sands Nat'l Monument

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

Dive deep into summer fun with our H20 adventure camp. Explore the depths of oceans lakes, and rivers with creature crafts, games and activities. We will swim every day in our heated indoor pool, play water balloon baseball, crab soccer, and unwind with sea themed yoga.... 

Prepare your competitive side for a challenging solo cup sand castle contest!. Get ready for beach ball dodgeball and beach volleyball games! The snacks we have planned throughout the week are beach side ready! Join us as we take our weekly field trip to white sands to run around, play games, dig holes, fly down hills...

Explore the outdoors in our immersive Wilderness Fun Camp! We will learn and practice practical preparedness skills; including shelter building, bug out bag packing, knot tying and first aid kit assembly and training. We will explore the stunning gypsum sandscapes...

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Travel Camp

June 17 - June 21

Field Trip: El Paso Zoo

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Pack your bags and get your passport ready to gallivant across the globe this summer with our Travel Exploration Camp! We will start our travel with a trip to our continental cousin country of Mexico where we will learn about Mexican culture and traditions including...

Hogwarts Academy

July 8 - July 12

Field Trip: Bowl El Paso

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

Have you every wanted to take the train to Hogwarts to begin your journey of a magical education in witchcraft and wizardry? Now is your chance! Upon admission to Gym Magic's Hogwarts, you'll be provided your very own personalized Student ID. This ID access to campus will allow you to be apart of fun... 

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Sports Camp

June 24 - June 28

Field Trip: Hawk's House of Hoops

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Keep kids active and encourage healthy competition while building strength, speed and endurance in Sports Camp. Exercise, team building, leadership and fun will be practiced through a survey of indoor and outdoor sports games including...

Theater Camp

July 15 - July 19

Field Trip: Cineport 10 Theater

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Nurture your child’s dramatic side while building confidence in performing with our creative theater camp. Kids will have the opportunity to try their skills in all areas of drama including, story writing, narrating, set building, directing, acting and musical production...

Pokémon Academy

July 1 - July 5 (Closed the 4th)

Field Trip: Peter Piper Pizza

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

Our Pokémon Gym is open to all aspiring Pokémon Trainers. As the only training gym in Las Cruces we have an exciting week of Pokéventures! Upon admission into training camp you will receive your very own personalized Trainer ID. This ID allows you access to fun games like, Pokéball Hunt, Mystic Vs. Valor...

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Nerf Sports Camp

July 22 - July 26

Field Trip: Peter Piper Pizza

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Let your kids challenge their skills and get competitive in our fun Nerf Sports camp. We will have classic Nerf Battles including target practice, tactical training, and fort building. Get ready for new Nerf challenges including basketball, football, soccer, and archery...

Ninja Warrior

July 29 - Aug 2

Field Trip: Rockin' Jump

Swimming Tue & Thur (2-3pm)

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)

Are you ready to run, jump, crawl, leap, and more!? We're opening our doors to a new unique camp, Ninja Warrior Camp. Join us as we play fun games like Silent Ninja, Ninja Hide and Seek, Chopstick relays, Ninja Tribe Challenge, and more! Ninjas will be learning proper methods of landing, jumping, hanging... 

Best of Best Camp

Aug 5 - Aug 7

Field Trip: TBD

Swimming Tuesday (2-3pm)

We saved the best camp for last! Best of Best Camp includes five of our most popular camps of summer 2018. Join us each day as we take the best games, crafts, and snacks from Nerf Academy, Marvel Comics, Ninja Warrior, Pokémon, and Jedi Academy! Campers will take part in the epic battles and fort... 

FREE Pre Camp (7:30-9am)