Swim Camp Spring Break

March 23-27

Camp Description: Are you looking for something fun, educational, and life-changing to experience during your Spring Break! Enroll into our Spring Break Swim Camp and get 15 hours of swim related education and activities! Our collection of water safety lessons range from how to properly use safety equipment to rescue techniques! We'll also be showing educational videos that save lives! Learn emergency response methods, first aid, how to treat snake bites, and much more! That's not all! You'll receive professional 45 minute swim lessons from year-round instructors. Don't worry, we've set aside time for good 'ol-fashioned open swim and free time to safely run wild! 

Camp Information

Ages: 6 & Up 

Date: March 23-27

Full Week: 9-12pm

Price: $131

Water Safety Lessons

  • Reaching Assist

  • Proper use of Safety Equipment

  • Rescue Techniques

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Reading Signage

  • Using cloth for floatation device

Safety Video Education

  • Discussion & Demonstration

  • CPR & First Aid

  • Emergency Response

  • Handling Snake Bites

  • Cool and Heat Injuries

Lessons & Free Swim

  • Total of 3 hrs & 45 mins of Swim Lessons

  • Total of 2 hrs & 30 mins of Open Swim

Note: It takes a lot of preparation in supplies and staffing to make great camps. We suggest enrolling ASAP. No Drop-Ins

Feel free to contact our Camp Director via the Contact Page


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