Mario World Camp

February 17

Camp Description: Welcome to the World of Mario. Our camp is created to resemble a real life Mario World video game. Join us as we play games like Goomba Stomp (balloon popping), Super Mario Smash Ball (Obstacle Dodgeball), Live Mario Party Mini-Games, and More. The fun doesn’t stop there! We have a life-sized mario level designed to make you run, jump, climb, and more! Have you ever wanted to play Mario Kart in real life?.. Now’s your chance! We’re setting up a Mario Kart Circuit for campers to compete in! We also have fun games like the Mario sledding, Mario Triple Jump, and Bullet Bill Ride! Fly through the air on our bungee seat and experience what it’s like to be on a Mario Cloud Ride! So, hit the start button and enroll today!

Camp Information

Ages: 6 -12 years

Full Day: 9-3pm ($49)

Drop-In Fee (Enrollment

Online or In-person the

day of camp): $20

Early & Extended Stay Options:

Pre-Camp: 7:30-9am (Free)

Camper's Club: 3-5:30pm ($10/Day)

Camper's Club info below

Swimming: 1-2pm

Reminder: Bring your swim clothes and towel.

Note: It takes a lot of preparation in supplies and staffing to make great camps. We suggest enrolling ASAP. Drop-in fees are

$20 the day of camp.

Camper's Club

Newly Developed Post Camp from 3-5:30pm

Our newly developed Camper's Club is designed to take the theme of the camp and extend it into a post camp experience. Each Camper's Club will now include some combination of dedicated gym time, board games, crafts, an education period (theme related or not) and/or professional instruction in one of our in-house programs. 

• Extended Post Camp Experience

• Additional Themed Games & Activities

• Board & Card Games

• Structured Schedule

• Crafts Only Created in Camper's Club

Feel free to contact our Camp Director via the Contact Page


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